ANDREW BASSO was born in Trento, year of 1985, and even as a child he already displayed his interest towards everything related to the arts of performance. At a first stage, it is the circus that leaves him amazed, but soon a close encounter with a magician gives birth to a dream: to become a great illusionist. Between the magic box of Silvan and some books found by his father, Armando, at the library, Andrew starts his journey as a magician. Yet it is at the age of 12 that a fortuitous encounter with a professional allows him to take the leap and move from the simple tricks into the real secrets of Magic. An intense learning period ensues for Andrew who tests his experiments with his schoolmates, henceforth his amused audience.

AFTER SEVERAL YEARS studying and preparing himself, the debut comes: Andrew's career begins on July 31, 2003, as he meets, on the occasion of his first underwater escape (before a live audience of 2000 spectators), the event's producer and his future manager Dennis Forti, that will believe in the young talent and follow him all over the world. In 2004, at the age of 18, alone and barely able to speak English, Andrew presents himself in Las Vegas, at the World Magic Seminar, the area's most important meeting that gathers the world's greatest illusionists. It's with them that he wants to study and so it happens. He is selected by Lance Burton, Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger among the best teenager illusionists and gets his chance to study along other prodigious talents at the prestigious Mistery School, in contact with world-class performers.

THANKS TO GREAT COMMITMENT and boundless passion, the teenager's first results are soon revealed: the 2005 World Convention on Escapology, hosted at Los Angeles, brings him the title of "Escape Champion". He is the first italian and the youngest in history that conquers the title. The spotlights are aimed at Andrew and, in 2007, real talent scout Francesco Facchinetti co-produces with Dennis Forti and Andrew a television series at All Music on the skills of this young artist of the impossible. It is entitled "Fuori! Born to escape" and the success of the show continues in 2008-2009 with a second series.

THE WORLD CHAMPION TITLE has more acute repercussions in the United States and Andrew finds himself performing on the stages of Las Vegas and of New York, as well as on the highly exclusive Beverly Hills. Meanwhile, the media interest picks up in Italy: RAI2 invites Andrew to represent the escapology area at the show "Arcana - Inchieste sulla Magia" (An Inquiry on Magic) and Wired Magazine Italy dedicates seven pages to Andrew alongside the movie "Houdini L'Ultimo Mago" (Death Defying Acts). Engaged in over 120 live shows every year, Andrew is currently leading the television programme "Street Magic" where he puts his abilities to the test, in real settings, "on the road", improvising with the public his incredible magic and illusionism experiments and his breathtaking escapes.